2019 Sermons (starting July - see the boxes below for previous periods)

  • 12.30.18AM "The World Confounded" - I Cor 1:18-31 - Those without Christ in this world find the preaching of the cross foolishness. Only God's Word brings true understanding.39:57
  • 12.23.18AM "God Sent Forth His Son" - Gal 4:4-7 - Fulfilling prophecy, Jesus was born at the appointed time. He can save you & make you His child if you put your faith in Him.38:06
  • 12.23.18PM "Pondering the Prince of Peace" - Luke 2:8-19 - The angels direct the shepherds to the Babe, while Mary ponders all these miracles in her heart.35:43
  • 12.16.18AM "The Star Over Bethlehem" - Matthew 2:1-10 - Wise Men followed the star to worship Jesus. Today, let Jesus' light shine in us and through us.35:28
  • 12.16.18PM "Redeemed People Will Rejoice" - Neh 11 & 12 - Jerusalem dedicates the wall with songs of praise & thanksgiving. God's blessings made them rejoice with great joy.32:17
  • 12.09.18AM "Christ - The Center of Christmas" - Luke 2:7,12,16; John 6:32-35,47-51 - This December, let's focus on the Person in the manger - JESUS, the Bread of Life.37:48
  • 12.09.18PM "The Doctrine of Separation-God's Call for Purity" - Neh 10:28-29; II Cor 5&6; I Cor 6 - Christians should live for Christ & live righteously, abandoning our sinful ways.39:18
  • 12.02.18AM "The Unknown God is Revealed" - Acts 17:24-34 - Paul declares God as the Creator of the universe, the Lord of heaven & earth, and the Saviour of the world.38:19
  • 12.02.18PM "It is Finished" - John 19:28-30 - With His last breath on the Cross, Jesus' victory cry completed His purpose of paying in full our sin debt. Oh what love!!!22:42
  • 11.25.18AM "Worshipping the Unknown God" - Acts 17:15-23 - A city is given over to man's philosophies & idols & even an Unknown God. Paul preaches Jesus unto them.38:58
  • 11.25.18PM "Repentance Leads to Cleansing & Obedience" - Neh 10:1-31 - The people agree to separate themselves from nonbelievers in the land, and vow to obey the Lord.38:21
  • 11.18.18AM "Turning the World Upside Down" - Acts 17:1-14 - Paul's preaching riles people up. Some get saved. Some form a mob. Yet Paul stays true to the Gospel.36:53
  • 11.18.18PM Thanksgiving Praise Service "Perfect Peace" - John 3:16; Is. 26:3 - Peace is ours when we give our entire life to God, because God first gave His Son Jesus for us.35:06
  • 11.11.18AM "Joy in the Jailhouse" - Acts 16:16-34 - For helping a damsel in distress, Paul is locked up. God rocks the jail, and the jailer's heart is unlocked to the Gospel.39:33
  • 11.11.18PM "Israel's National Confession & Repentance" - Neh 9:16-38 - For their disobedience and resulting captivity, Israel admits their sin and need for a holy God.33:26
  • 11.04.18AM "God's Sovereign Grace" - Eph 2:1-5; Acts 16:14-15 - We are dead spiritually in our sins, but God can open our hearts and make us alive by His grace.43:18
  • 11.04.18PM "Rejection of the Perfect Cornerstone, Part 2" - Isaiah 28:16 - We that believe on Jesus as the precious Cornerstone, the sure Foundation, will not be unsettled.22:28
  • 10.28.18AM "Our Sovereign God" - Acts 16:1-15 - Paul's journey is guided by God, the all powerful Ruler of the universe, Who makes only right choices.42:14
  • 10.28.18PM "Worship Begins With a Thankful Heart" - Neh 9:1-15 - Offering confessions for transgressions, the people approached God with an attitude of gratitude.32:22
  • 10.21.18AM "Down but Not Out" - Acts 15:36-41 - God uses a division between two missionaries to expand the ministry and restore a fellow Christian.42:40
  • 10.21.18PM "A Time to Mourn and A Time to Dance" - Neh 8:9-18 - After grieving & repenting for their sins, the people find strength in the deliverance & joy of the Lord.33:11
  • 10.14.18AM "The Church in One Accord" - Acts 15:13-31 - The Apostles come together to confirm to the Gentiles that salvation is by grace and to strengthen their testimony.39:52
  • 10.14.18PM "Bring the Book" - Nehemiah 8:1-8 - After physical revival, Jerusalem's spiritual revival begins when Ezra reads the Scriptures to the people.36:01
  • 10.07.18AM "Condemned-Forgiven-Set Free" - Acts 15:1-10 - The words of the Bible condemn us as sinners, but also reveal how Jesus saves us by grace thru faith.41:36
  • 10.07.18PM "The Rejection of the Perfect Cornerstone" - Psalm 118:22-24; Luke 20:9-18 - The world rejected Jesus, but His perfection laid the foundation for salvation.26:39
  • 09.30.18AM "So Great Salvation - So Great Joy" - Acts 15:1-12 - Salvation is by GRACE thru faith in Jesus Christ, not by WORKS. (Eph 2:8-9)33:57
  • 09.30.18PM "What is Truth?" - John 18:36-38 & selected Proverbs - Absolute truth and our society's changing views of "truth".45:44
  • 09.23.18AM "My Shepherd" - Psalm 23 - Is Jesus Christ your Saviour and Shepherd? Are you following and obeying your Shepherd?29:49
  • 09.23.18PM "A Joy to Remember" - Philippians 1:1-8 - Thanking God for the joyful bond between fellow Christians.28:08
  • 09.16.18AM "What is a Pastor, and Why Do We Need One?" Part 2 - I Peter 5:1-7 - A pastor proclaims (preaches) and explains (teaches) God's Word.38:51
  • 09.16.18PM "Preparing for Revival" - Nehemiah 7:1-73 - The completion of the physical work on the wall leads to preparation for Israel's spiritual revival.30:41
  • 09.09.18AM "What is a Pastor, and Why Do We Need One?" Part 1 - Acts 14:23-28 - An elder and bishop (overseer) are well-seasoned, wise, responsible men of God.45:01
  • 09.09.18PM "What If Christ Had Saved Himself?" - Luke 23:24-49 - Nobody could be saved from sin if Jesus had saved Himself from death on the Cross.24:04
  • 09.02.18AM - Special music by Dave & Darlene Murdoch - "The Making of a King/Leader" - I Samuel 16 - God prepares David for leadership.49:57
  • 09.02.18PM - Special time of worship in music with Dave & Darlene Murdoch (learn more about their ministry at dmurdoch.com) MAY NEED TO TURN THE VOLUME UP!56:51
  • 08.26.18AM "Life's Little Afflictions" - II Cor 4:8-18 - Though our afflictions seem big right now, they are small compared to eternity and God's grace, presence & joy.40:59
  • 08.26.18PM "God Given Victory" - Neh 6:15-19 - Jerusalem's walls being completed, even Israel's enemies see God's blessing in this quick work.36:51
  • 08.19.18AM "All in a Day's Work" - Acts 14:19-22 - Paul's critics stone him, but God restores him and Paul keeps preaching the Gospel.37:56
  • 08.19.18PM "The Relentless Enemy" - Neh 6:5-14 - Nehemiah's enemies try to meet with him again, but he avoids their ill intentions.40:22
  • 08.12.18AM "Paul's Problem with His Gift of Healing" - Acts 14:1-18 - Paul's miracle causes the people to worship him. Paul directs the people to God.39:15
  • 08.12.18PM "Nehemiah Says No to a Meeting in Ono" - Neh 6:1-5 - Upon completing Jerusalem's wall, Nehemiah resists his enemies attempts to sew discord.40:18
  • 08.05.18AM "Lo, We Turn to the Gentiles" - Acts 13:44-52 - Paul preaches salvation to the Gentiles (the non-Jews).46:34
  • 08.05.18PM "God's Blessing Upon All Nations" - Genesis 22:15-18 - God blesses Abraham and all his descendants.21:43
  • 07.29.18AM "To the Jew First" - Acts 13:14-43 - Paul preaches salvation to the Jews using the Old Testament Scriptures.46:03
  • 07.22.18AM "Satanic Opposition and The Power of God’s Word" - Acts 13:6-13 - The reality of our enemy Satan and the pagan world.39:38
  • 07.22.18PM "Governor Nehemiah" - Neh 5:14-19 - Nehemiah is a humble/selfless leader that looks out for the welfare of his people.36:05
  • 07.15.18AM "Able and Available" - Acts 13:1-5 - Ready...Set...Go...Paul & Barnabas prepare for a missionary journey.41:13
  • 07.15.18PM "Nehemiah's Righteous Indignation" - Neh 5:1-13 - Facing hardships, Nehemiah gets angry & gets relief for God's people.37:34
  • 07.08.18AM "A Sobering Reminder to the World" - Acts 12:18-25 - After freeing Peter from jail, God strikes dead a proud King Herod.37:16
  • 07.08.18PM "Soldier Builders" - Nehemiah 4:16-23 - God's people were prepared while rebuilding Jerusalem's walls.44:00
  • 07.01.18AM "The Divine Provision" - Genesis 22:10-14 - Abraham takes his son Isaac to Mt. Moriah for a sacrifice.18:35
  • 07.01.18PM "Offered Willingly" - I Chronicles 29:6-16 - God's people rejoice in using our finances as good stewards for the Lord.22:22

2019 Sermons (from January to June)

"Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord."     - Romans 6:11

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2018 Sermons (from July to December)

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  • 07.14.19AM "Justification & Sanctification-Is There a Difference?"-Acts 22:1-16 -Paul gives his testimony of seeing Jesus on the road to Damascus & accepting Jesus as his Saviour.36:15
  • 07.14.19PM "From Arrogancy to Insanity to Humility"- Dan 4:1-37 -Daniel interprets King Neb's 2nd dream. Neb goes from proud king, to crazy king, to knowing the true King.35:22
  • 07.07.19AM "Unfortunate Setback? Or Great Opportunity?" - Acts 21:27-40 - Enemies of God stir up the people against Paul, who is taken into custody by soldiers.39:29
  • 07.07.19PM "Lessons from the Lord's Table - Pt 3" - Exod 20:1-6 - Communion reminds us that we are to worship Christ alone. God says "Have no other gods before Me!!"21:17

  • 06.30.19AM "Paul's Vow" - Acts 21:18-26 - Paul & 4 men go thru a purification ceremony to show they are separated to God. Paul upholds salvation by grace thru faith in Jesus.30:22
  • 06.23.19AM "The Blessings at the End of Your Rope" - II Chron 20:20-30 - God delivers Judah from enemies. When facing a problem, take it to the Lord & believe He will help.41:44
  • 06.23.19PM "Pride, Fire & Promotion - Part 2" - Dan 3:19-30 - Shad, Me & Abed get thrown in the fiery furnace. They trust in the Lord to deliver them, but will they survive?35:56
  • 06.16.19AM "We Don't Know What to Do - But Our Eyes Look to You" - II Chronicles 20:1-9 - Facing an enemy intent on war, Judah's King looks to God for deliverance.37:03
  • 06.16.19PM "Pride, Fire & Promotion - Part 1" - Dan 3:1-18 - King Neb sets up an image for all to worship. Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego do not bow down & get in trouble.34:40
  • 06.09.19AM "Real Love Means Real Commitment & Real Sacrifice" - Acts 21:1-17 - With the threat of danger, Paul heads to Jerusalem with a heart of love & self sacrifice.39:20
  • 06.09.19PM "The Reveal of King Neb's Big Dream" - Dan 2:31-49 - God shows the King's dream and interpretation to Daniel, who reveals all to King Nebuchadnezzar.34:43
  • 06.02.19AM "The Heart of the Apostle Paul - Pt 3" - Acts 20:33-38 - Paul had a selfless ministry, a heart for ministry, & love for leaders (with a willingness to correct them).29:52
  • 06.02.19PM "Lessons from the Lord's Table - Part 2" - I Cor 10:16-17 - The Lord's Table reminds us of the unity of the saints. We are all one body of believers in Christ.12:27
  • 05.26.19AM Memorial Day "The Heart of the Apostle Paul - Pt 2" - Acts 20:28-32 - Pastors must be responsible to preach the Bible & the Gospel, & to beware of false doctrine.49:04
  • 05.26.19PM "King Nebuchadnezzar's Big Dream" - Dan 2:1-30 - The King can't recall a troubling dream. Daniel must reveal the dream & interpretation, or die. Will God help?34:53
  • 05.19.19AM "The Heart of the Apostle Paul - Part 1" - Acts 20:17-27 - For a servant's heart like Paul, (1)submit to God, (2)genuinely love others & (3)be faithful to the Lord & Bible.35:13
  • 05.19.19PM "God is My Judge" - Dan 1:8-21 - Daniel requests a vegetarian & water diet. God gives Daniel & his 3 friends greater wisdom & skills than the King's other advisers.36:20
  • 05.12.19AM "A Mother's Heart" - Prov 31:30 - A look at four types of mother's hearts: pondering Mary, broken-hearted Eve, wordly Lot's wife, and praying Hannah.38:52
  • 05.12.19PM "The New Birth" - John 3:1-10 - Jesus tells Nicodemus he must be born again to see the Kingdom of God. Salvation thru faith in Jesus is the only way to Heaven.41:33
  • 05.05.19AM "A Long, Long-Winded Preacher!" - Acts 20:1-12 - Paul exhorts (encourages, teaches) the believers. Paul raises from the dead a young man who falls out a window.38:18
  • 05.05.19PM "Lessons from the Lord's Table - Part 1" - Luke 22:19 - We need to remember (1) Christ's work of redemption that saves us and (2) the unity of the saints.22:08
  • 04.28.19AM "Why the World Loves a Make-Believe God" - Acts 19:23-41 - Paul's success is turning multitudes to the one true God. The idol makers are angered & confront them.43:47
  • 04.28.19PM "Breakfast with the Master - Part 2" - John 21:18-25 - Jesus encourages Peter for his future ministry. Jesus says "FOLLOW ME!" to Peter & all who want serve to God.37:25
  • 04.21.19AM Happy Easter! "What Does the Empty Tomb Mean?" John 20:1-18 - The empty tomb assures us that Jesus is ALIVE & He has paid our sin penalty to save us.59:48
  • 04.21.19PM "Breakfast on the Beach with the Master" - John 21:1-17 - After a night of fruitless fishing, the disciples are surprised by Jesus. Peter's love is questioned.34:27
  • 04.14.19AM "Powerless Ministries" - Acts 19:11-22 - Vagabond Jews tried to wrongly use the power of Jesus to cast out evil spirits. One must truly know Jesus to use His power.39:15
  • 04.14.19PM "Four Friends Who Serve the Most High God" - Dan 1:1-8 - Introduction to this prophetic book. Daniel & his three friends enter the king's palace for training.25:32
  • 04.07.19AM "Powerless Professions" - Acts 19:1-10 - Paul tells the disciples of John about Jesus. They believe, are baptized & receive the Holy Spirit's power to evangelize.39:21
  • 04.07.19PM "The Few Who Knew" - Luke 2:25-38, Matt 26:6-13 - God gives 1 man & 2 women special insight into Jesus' future death/burial/resurrection for our redemption.27:01
  • 03.31.19AM "God's Value of Small Things" - Judges 7:1-8 - God used Gideon's 300 soldiers to defeat a large enemy. The Lord still uses Davids to accomplish Goliath-sized tasks.42:15
  • 03.24.19AM "With All of My Heart" - Col 3:15-25 - Where is your heart before the Lord? Are you believing/trusting/obeying? Do everything heartily as to the Lord.40:58
  • 03.24.19PM "Lessons Learned" - Conclusion to Nehemiah, who dealt with the remnant of Jerusalem & broken walls with Purpose, Passion, a Plan, Persistence, and Prayer.43:15
  • 03.17.19AM "Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt - Part 3" - Proverbs 3:6-15 - Don't rely on your own wisdom. Trust God. Obey Him. And He will bless and direct your life!35:46
  • 03.17.19PM "Strange Wives" - Neh 13:23-31 - Nehemiah chastises the Jews for inter-faith marriages. God calls us to separate ourselves from the sinful ways of the world.38:14
  • 03.10.19AM "Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt - Part 2" - Prov 3:6 - To acknowledge God is to perceive, discern & recognize Him. Give the Lord absolute authority over your life.22:06
  • 03.10.19PM "The Marshal's Back in Town - Part 2" - Neh 13:15-22 - Nehemiah confronts those in Israel not obeying God's law. We must obey God's Word and trust in Him.37:31
  • 03.03.19AM "Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt - Part 1" - Prov 3:1-8 - We must give absolute control of our lives to God. Trusting in the Lord’s path for us brings peace and joy.38:20
  • 02.24.19AM "God - Abba, Father & Friend" - Rom 8:14-17 - We should rejoice in our relationship with God - our personal, loving "Daddy", Heavenly Father, and great Friend.36:39
  • 02.24.19PM "The Marshal's Back in Town" - Neh 13:7-14 - Upon returning to Jerusalem, Nehemiah finds the House of God forsaken and sets it in order. Let's do the same.35:47
  • 02.17.19AM "Pray for America - She is Killing Her Own Children" - Rom 1:28-32 - Those who ignore God promote unrighteousness. The only hope is returning to Jesus.41:07
  • 02.10.19AM "Suffering Affliction for the Name of Christ" - I Pet 4:12-14 - We should not fear living for Christ, but rejoice when persecuted, for great is our reward in heaven.44:58
  • 02.03.19AM "God's Loving Purpose for Affliction" - Heb 12:5-11 - God punishes us for our benefit because He loves us and wants us to abandon sin and have greater faith in Him.35:10
  • 02.03.19PM "Heaven's Mercy Seat, the Blood of Christ, and Our Great High Priest" - Heb 9:1-12 - Jesus Christ's shed blood on the cross provides the way for our salvation.26:26
  • 01.27.19AM "Is Sickness the Result of One's Sin?" - John 9:1-7 - Jesus heals a man born blind to bring glory to God. Suffering should draw us closer to God.37:57
  • 01.27.19PM "He Knew Me Long Before I Knew Him!" - Psalm 139:13-16; Jer 1:5 - God views life as precious from conception. We are made in the image of God.36:42
  • 01.13.19AM "The Apostle Paul on the Move" - Acts 18:12-28 - Aquilla & Priscilla help another believer (Apollos) understand the way of God more perfectly.41:41
  • 01.13.19PM "The Danger of Making Friends with God's Enemies" - Neh 13:1-9 - A priest allows Tobiah to defile the house of God. Nehemiah corrects the problem.40:25
  • 01.06.19AM "A Time to Speak" - Acts 18:1-11 - Paul is pressed in the spirit to tell others about Jesus. Even with opposition, the Lord tells Paul to not fear, but speak boldly.38:16
  • 01.06.19PM "The Veil Torn in Two" - Matt 27:33-56 - Jesus' death on the cross split the temple veil, providing direct access to God for sinners who believe.24:25