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In the 1960s, several families from Pataskala attended Reynoldsburg Bible Mission Baptist Church.  They began holding Bible studies in a Pataskala home and eventually the Pataskala Town Hall.  The new church, originally called Bible Mission Baptist Church, was formally organized in May 1966 to serve the Christian community in Pataskala, Ohio, and throughout the surrounding area.  The church purchased and met in the building located at 218 South Vine Street in downtown Pataskala. 

In July 1978, the church name was changed to Bethel Baptist Church.  The name Bethel comes from the Hebrew beth, meaning "house", and el, meaning "God".  Bethel means "House of God".

In 1991, the church sold the South Vine Street property and purchased the property where the church is now located on the corner of State Route 16 (East Broad Street SW) and Beecher Road SW in Pataskala. This newer building had several classrooms and a large room that was used as the auditorium for services (now our Fellowship Hall).  A new addition to the church building was completed in 1996 that included the current auditorium, pastor's study, and additional classrooms. 

Over the years, God has abundantly blessed and provided for our church in many ways.  Pastor Larry Maddux retired in May 2016 after serving as pastor for more than 28 years.  In June 2016, Pastor Dan Moore was called as pastor of Bethel Baptist Church.

"Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord."  - Romans 6:11

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